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в настоящий момент высокая загруженность

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в настоящий момент высокая загруженность

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Unallocated metal account (UMA)

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Unallocated metal account (UMA) is an account opened for the Bank's clients to account the metal movement in troy ounces without identifying details (bullion number, manufacturer's tags, etc.).

UMA is deposit, storage and disposal of precious metals of the Bank's client, without identifying details of metal. That is, the account transactions are made without physical delivery of the metal, i.e., reception and delivery of precious metals on the account are not conducted. Income of UMA owners is based on the rising cost of precious metals on the world markets

Rates od purchase and sale of unallocated precious metals shall be established by the Bank every day. Rate index depends on the current world prices for precious metals and their trends. For example, the price of the most popular metal in UBA transactions – gold – is usually affected by the geopolitical situation in the world, oil prices, the economic state of the United States and the European Union, the amount of gold production and total demand for precious metals in the world.

UMA advantages:​

- Opportunity to generate income due to the rising cost of precious metals;

- Consistent rising of prices for precious metals on the world financial markets;

- No problems with storage, certification and shipment of physical metal;

- No VAT on the purchase of unallocated precious metal;

- Instant purchase/sale of metal at the moment of visit;

- Free opening, maintaining and closing the account.

Terms of UMA opening​

- Metals sale/purchase transaction currency is KZT;

- Minimum weight for metal purchase is 1 troy ounce corresponding to 31.1035 g;

- Minimum metal balance on unallocated metal accounts is 1 troy ounce;

- Deposit to and withdrawal of metal from unallocated metal account is made within the accuracy of up to 1/10 of troy ounce without the rounding rules;

- UMA term is 12 months;

- Prolongation is automatic for the same period under the terms of UMA effective in the Bank on the day following the day of the primary period expiry, until a decision on the termination of UMA is made;

- Interest on metal account balance on UMA is not accrued.