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в настоящий момент высокая загруженность

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Unsecured loan

Unsecured loan

Opportunity to get up to KZT 5 mln as quick as possible.

  • Loan amount: up to KZT 5 mln
  • Loan currency: KZT
  • Interest rate: from 0,1%
  • Аnnual effective interest rate - from 21,97%
  • Loan term: up to 5 years

How to get loan

The following is required for consideration of the application:

  • Identity card/passport/residence permit;

Loan benefits

- Non-collateral, for any purposes;

- Only 1 document – identity document;

- No penalties for loan prepayment..

For clients with a salary card (deposit) or those who receive pension on card/deposit accounts with Sberbank:

  • quick processing of a loan application;
  • reduced rates;
  • loan is granted in any loan subdivision, regardless of the place of registration in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Loan purpose​

for consumption

Loan currency​


Minimum loan amount​

from KZT 150,000 

Loan amount​

up to KZT 3 mln

Loan term 

up to 60 months

Loan documentation execution fee​


Fee for crediting funds to the account​

0% of the loan amount, one-time payment

Prepayment fee​

0%, no penalties

Fee for cash withdrawal​

0% of the loan amount

Loan security

is not required

Комиссии утверждены решением Комитета по управлению активами и пассивами Банка от 19.05.2020года №30 § 2

Interest Rates in KZT*



Payroll card program, Category 1, VIP clients


from 23,99%

from 0,1%

ГЭСВ - from 21,97%

*Ставки вознаграждения утверждены решением Комитета по управлению активами и пассивами  Банка от 19.05.2020г., №30 § 2

Age at the moment of granting the loan

above 21 years

Maximum age

at a loan maturity – fifty eight (58) for women and sixty three (63) for men

Employment history

not less than four (4) months at the last workplace prior to the date of a loan application. The general uninterrupted employment history of an individual shall be not less than six (6) months.

Loan is granted in all Sberbank outlets.

Loan granting procedure

In a lump sum;

Loan granting


One-time transfer of the loan amount to a current account at the request of the borrower on the date of a loan agreement.

Loan repayment procedure

By annuity or differentiated payments.

Partial or full loan prepayment

Upon request that contains the date of prepayment, the amount and the account from which the funds are to be transferred. The date of prepayment stated in the request shall be a business day.

Minimum amount of prepaid loan is not limited. No prepayment fee.

Penalty for delayed loan repayment

0.25% (zero point two five percent) per each calendar day of delay of the outstanding principal debt and interest, but no more than 10% (ten percent) of the originated loan amount for each year of the loan agreement.

Should you need more information, please contact the Bank's outlets in your city or the Call Centre 8 (727) 250-30-20 in other regions of Kazakhstan: 8-8000- 808-808