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Mainstream Partners is a research company with extensive experience in developing business plans and marketing research for investment projects in various sectors of the economy (construction, industry, transport, agriculture).

Marketing research is a form of business research that focuses on studying market volume, the behavior, wishes, and needs of consumers, as well as the competition.
Knowing the size of your market is vital in decision making. A new project seeking to enter a market can use market research to minimise risks. An established business can use market research to better understand where to focus efforts and where to look for new opportunities.
The goal of market research is to develop a strategy and tactics for the company that take into account existing and potential market factors and conditions, on the one hand, and the company's position and prospects, on the other.

The market research services will let you answer such questions as:

  • Does my market have any free niches?
  • What would be the best product to bring to market?
  • What production volume should we be aiming for?
  • Where should we offer our products (in Kazakhstan or abroad)?
  • Are there any raw materials available?
  • What are the barriers to entering the market?


You will receive market research findings complete with recommendations of a professional market research, which will allow you to make a well informed decision about whether or not to launch the investment project you are considering.