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Marketing research of online market

Online market research

Netpeak is a number one Internet Marketing Agency in the field of SEO and Contextual Advertising in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Bulgaria. The main directions of agency services: website and mobile application promotion, contextual advertising, email marketing.

Netpeak agency’s Marketing Research of the Market is an extensive analysis of a competitive niche and region by customer’s individual request. This analysis is carried out exclusively online.
The «Marketing Research of Online Market» service will be of interest to large businesses that are planning to increase their scale, expand into new markets or launch new online projects.
The main challenge that the «Marketing Research of  Market» service allows to solve is to help large businesses find clients in a new market and at the same time to make good use of large budgets during launch.
Netpeak agency experts will help the customer find out the number of prospective clients in the country, whether there is a demand for the customer's goods / services, and from which direction it is worth starting scaling.