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Nurkassa—Online Cash Register

Nurkassa has been operating in Kazakhstan market for about 2 years. During this time, over 15,000 users have been subscribed, who have improved business processes by means of Nurkassa Online Cash Register.

Nurkassa is a new type online cash register equipped with the most advanced technologies. It is available on any device (computer, smartphone, laptop).

  • Automatic filing of tax returns, 910 FNO tax forms can be filed from Nurkassa directly
  • Automatic end of the shift to avoid employees' mistakes
  • Nurkassa manager will de-register the old cash register and register the new one for you
  • Automatic update of the application in accordance with all legal requirements
  • Savings on the costs of 2D scanners for scanning bar codes and QR codes; the cash register scans using your phone camera
  • One-click confirmation of accompanying consignment notes
  • Unlimited number of users: cashiers, accountants
  • One-click (one operation) import and export of goods
  • Sending cheques to e-mail/WhatsAPP or other messengers, as well as printing cheques through a printer
  • Technical assistance and support for the Client

Exclusively for Sberbank clients—10% discount on Nurkassa tariffs!


Select the appropriate fare

For a month

3 105 KZT

3 450 KZT

For one year

17 955 KZT

19 950 KZT

For two years

26 055 KZT

28 950 KZT

For three years

32 076 KZT

35 640 KZT