Services for business

Creation of Business Presentations

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Mainstream Partners is a research company with extensive experience in developing business plans and marketing research for investment projects in various sectors of the economy (construction, industry, transport, agriculture).


Business Presentations are an effective tool for drawing the clients' attention to your business! Business Presentations will help you demonstrate your advantages, present your company's expertise, goods, and services:

  • During the negotiations with clients
  • For emailing
  • For posting on your company's website
  • For interaction with banks or investors


Mainstream Partners offers:

  • Organizing a photoshoot of management, staff, company's production facilities, office, and products;
  • Developing a 3D visualization of the company's Master Plan (including the Master Plan of the enterprise, at the customer's request);
  • Creating a design of the presentation and an electronic presentation in a convenient format for the client (for example, ppt, pdf, etc.).


Our experience shows that the expenses of our clients' business presentations are covered from the first orders!