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Business partner verification

Key information about companies you're dealing with is just a click away

SBER Solutions, a leading provider of outsourcing services in the CIS market, will help optimize business processes in your company. 

Minimize risks by checking your business partner!


What information can the service offer about companies?

  • General information: registration date, core business activities, the name of the CEO
  • Tax payments since 2013, whether the company pays VAT
  • History of participation in public procurement contracts, whether the company has ever been black-listed as an unreliable public procurement contract, the total prices of public procurement contracts
  • Whether the company is on any lists of bankrupt entities, fake companies, companies undergoing liquidation
  • Whether the company is listed as being recognized as a bankrupt or a company with invalid registration
  • Information about tax debts, breaches of the Tax Code


Information about corporations proved by the business partner verification service is obtained from government sources Information in the service is updated at the same time as information on the website of government bodies. State authorities that supply the information are responsible for accuracy and completeness of the data.