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Sberbank of Kazakhstan Supported a Business Project in Atyrau

Individual entrepreneur Moldir Mukanova has dreamt to open her own tailor house with a wide
range of services for a long time. Moldir Serikovna prepared a business project and sought
advice from the Business Service Center where she obtained complete advice about the
development and possibilities of financing her business idea.
«I have had some experience in entrepreneurship as earlier my husband and I opened our own
business for the manufacturing and installation of plastic windows," Moldir Mukanova, the head
of the tailor house, told. "But I have always wished to open my own sewing workshop that would
provide all services for different clothes tailoring and a wide range of fabrics and accessories».
To implement her idea, the young entrepreneur applied to Atyrau branches of Sberbank and
Damu Foundation where her project was approved within the state program "Road Map 2020" for the total amount of 11.2 million tenge.
One of the key targets of the strategy of our bank is to support different projects of small business due to which new jobs are opened," Aigul Ergalieva, Director of Sberbank branch in Atyrau, emphasizes. "That is why for our part, we are always ready to support such projects that have social and economic significance for our city".
From its opening, the comfortable tailor house AJAR that provides high-quality services for clothes
refinishing and tailoring and selling various fabrics is in great demand with the residents of Balykshi
District in Atyrau.



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