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Sberbank Kazakhstan has supported a beauty salon in Atyrau region

Atyrau, 12 July 2019 - A new beauty salon Oner was opened in the city of Kulsary in Atyrau region thanks to the financial support of Sberbank and Damu Fund.

“Since my early childhood I had dreamed of opening my own beauty salon looking at how people were transformed after work of hairdressers and makeup artists. Life firstly had its own way, and I worked in another field. However, time passed and a firm decision came to me to start my own business”, - Samal Chigreyeva, Head of Oner beauty studio, said.

The entrepreneur decided to take funds for the opening of beauty salon under the state preferential program. Having received a consultation in Atyrau Branch of Damu Fund, Samal applied to Sberbank Kazakhstan where her project was approved under the Road Map 2020 Program for more than 12 million tenge at 14% per annum. The Fund guarantee was 6.5 million tenge.

“Sberbank is interested in strengthening of the position of private entrepreneurship using the wide possibilities of state support programs. We can clearly assess the results of investments in the development of SMEs which are embodied in specific projects for the expansion of service sector. These measures have a positive effect on the strengthening of the economy of our region and creation of additional workplaces”, - Aygul Yergaliyeva, Director of Atyrau Branch of SB Sberbank JSC, noted.

The individual entrepreneur Samal Chigreyeva plans to expand the scope of services of own salon and open an additional massage room in the future.

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SB Sberbank JSC is a part of international Sberbank group. The Bank has thirteen-year successful experience in the financial market of the Republic of Kazakhstan and ranks 2nd in terms of assets among second-tier banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 01.01.2019. Today, SB Sberbank JSC has a branch network of 91 structural subdivision, 17 out of which are branches. The central office of the Bank is located in Almaty.

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