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New service of Sberbank Kazakhstan - money transfer to Russia by phone number

14 September 2020, Almaty - In September Sberbank Kazakhstan has presented an exclusive offer in money transfer market - Transfers by Phone Number to Russia.

For the first time in Kazakhstan, it is possible to make a transfer to a neighboring country to Russian Sberbank card by knowing only the beneficiary's phone number. The new service will allow to easily, quickly, safely and without waiting in line send money to your relatives or friends resident in the Russian Federation. 

 Transfer by Phone Number from Sberbank is a unique opportunity to send money to any region of the Russian Federation without additional documents and paying increased fees. The service is available in  Sberbank Online Kazakhstan mobile application. 

Yeldar Tenizbayev, Chairman of the Management Board of SB Sberbank JSC, spoke about the new system of profitable money transfers by phone number, which could be appreciated by residents of two countries. 

"  Transfer by Phone Number is a truly exclusive offer in money transfer market in Kazakhstan. For the first time, our clients can send money by wire transfer by phone number at any time of the day and to any region of Russia. At the same time, without leaving home and at the lowest cost. In Sberbank Online Kazakhstan mobile application it is possible to perform many banking operations, including a rapid transfer by phone number in Kazakhstan. A similar function of international money transfer is introduced to the Russian Federation by phone number for the first time in the market of our country. "  

Money Transfer by Phone Number is the best solution for those who want to send money rapidly and cheaply.

  • By phone number
  • Easy and prompt registration
  • Lowest transfer fee (only 0.95% of the amount)
  • Minimum transfer amount is 1 Russian ruble, maximum transfer amount is 150,000 Russian rubles
  • Transfer security

Who can make out a money transfer?

Any resident of Kazakhstan can send money. In this regard, it is necessary to download Sberbank Online Kazakhstan mobile application and go through a short verification to become a client of Sberbank. 

How to make out Transfers by Phone Number from Sberbank?

The process of making out a money transfer by phone number is very simple and easy. This requires a smartphone with Internet access and the beneficiary's phone number. In Sberbank Online Kazakhstan mobile application select the "Transfers" function, enter the beneficiary's mobile phone number in Russia and transfer amount. 

After confirming the addressee's name and amount by sender,  money will be credited to the account of the client of Sberbank in Russia. Information about the amount of and fee for transfer will also be displayed on the phone screen. 

Successful transfer notice will be received by SMS.

Moreover, this function also applies to transfers of clients of Sberbank in Russia, if they need to send money to Kazakhstan.

According to the Chairman of the Management Board of SB Sberbank JSC, Transfers by Phone Number money transfer system is, first of all, a safe, profitable, easy and prompt solution for our clients.

Undoubtedly, these transfers will be accessible for prompt sending money to students studying in the Russian Federation, business partners, friends or relatives who urgently need financial support. I am sure our clients will appreciate the ease and benefits of Sberbank's new rapid money transfer system Transfers by Phone Number. “ 

In addition, Sberbank Kazakhstan provided its clients with the opportunity to make rapid money transfers to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan through its Sberbank Online Kazakhstan mobile application. Now sending money to friends or relatives in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan does not require going to the bank, for this it is enough to simply download Sberbank Online Kazakhstan to your smartphone. It is also planned to launch money transfers through Sberbank Online Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan in September.

More information can be found on the website of Sberbank Kazakhstan (link), in Sberbank Online mobile application, or by calling 5030 from a mobile phone. 

This is a reminder that Sberbank Kazakhstan with its central office in Almaty ranks in the TOP 3 Largest Banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan in terms of authorized capital, has a branch network of 100 structural subdivisions, is represented in every major city of the country, is a subsidiary bank of Sberbank in Russia.