Малому бизнесу


Dear Company Executives,​
Payment cards are becoming a widespread form of payment for goods and services and increasingly replace cash. Cooperation with SB Sberbank JSC in acceptance of payment cards will provide potential for growth of your business.
Why is it profitable to serve payment cards holders?​
Cooperation with SB Sberbank JSC guarantees the following undeniable advantages for your company:
1. Increasing the number of clients and turnover of your company by:

  • attracting new customers – holders of payment cards;
  • increasing the volume of sales of goods / services, as holders of payment cards are more likely to make unplanned purchases;
  • customers are not limited to the available amount of cash;
  • credit purchases with credit cards.

2. Safety and convenience of payment:

  • you do not have to worry about counterfeit banknotes and fraud;
  • less cash on hand;
  • it is much easier and more convenient to deal with bank cards;
  • less queues at the cash desk because cashier does not lose time to give odd money;
  • reduction of collection costs;
  • reducing the number of cash transactions and calculation of odd money in the cash desk.

3. Favorable conditions of service and compensation of funds as soon as possible.

4. Information about your company will be published on the website of SB Sberbank JSC.

5. Opportunity to participate in joint advertising campaigns of the Bank aimed at promoting sales using payment cards.

6. SB Sberbank JSC installs equipment for accepting payment cards free of charge. *

7. SB Sberbank JSC conducts free employee training for reception of payment cards for payment.
*Tariffs for connection of POS –terminal owned by a merchant are established in accordance with the Tariffs of SB Sberbank JSC
How much does it cost to participate in acquiring network?​
The fee depends on the number of transactions on payment cards in your company. The higher the volume is, the lower the Bank's fee is!