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Deposit the revenue cash into the checking account through ATM

Wide network in the Republic of Kazakhstan - more than 600 devices
No need to visit the Bank.
Immediate money crediting*.
* when replenishing through ADM (Automatic depositary machine) on a day off - funds are credited on the first trading day.


Deposit money on account in 24/7 mode.
Conveniently and safely! Identification by an individual number.
Replenishment in any city of the Republic of Kazakhstan where Sberbank is present.


Pay a fee at the rates of your branch, regardless of the device location.
There is no expense for collection.
It is possible to place the device in the client's territory without additional fee.
  • To sign a contract for an individual number and activation, please contact the service manager.

Click on the «Outlets and ATMs» tab, select a city, indicate «Self-collection» item by check mark, select the relevant ATM nearby. You can also see the list of ATMs on here.


1. Select the relevant ATM

2. In the ATM menu, select: Deposit to account

3. Insert banknotes into the cash slot.

4. To avoid jams, it is not recommended to insert old, glued or torn, oily bills into the bill acceptor, and it is necessary to check the absence of paper clips, pins, etc.

5. ADM will cash out rejected banknotes. It is impossible to cash in them.

6. After recounting, select the next action:
- Accept more
- Return deposited banknotes
- Credit

Note:  ADM can accept no more than 200 banknotes of various denominations per transaction. As soon as the number of banknotes reaches 200, the "Accept more" button becomes inactive.

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