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Sberbank Business Online

Dear clients!

SB Sberbank JSC is glad to offer you Sberbank Business Online remote banking service system!

Evaluate the advantages of advanced technologies and minimize your labor, time and financial costs for transport and office expenses associated with apply to the Bank.

What is Sberbank Business Online?

Sberbank Business Online is a remote banking service system for the clients being legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, which allows the Bank's client to receive a wide range of banking services through the Internet:

  • payments in national and foreign currency;
  • transfer of salary to card or personal accounts of your employees;
  • transfer of mandatory pension and social contributions, as well as contributions for medical insurance;
  • tax and customs payments;
  • non-cash purchase / sale of foreign currency;
  • receipt of the account statement for a certain period;
  • performance of import payments, as well as files with lists of employees;
  • operative exchange with the Bank of information messages,possibility of file attachments;
  • sending applications for opening an account/a deposit , obtaining a loan, as well as obtaining a bank guarantee under a credit line;
  • receipt of future repayment notices.

Remote banking service system, Sberbank Business Online, supports DirectBank technology of 1C: Enterprise 8 system

Advantages of direct document flow using DirectBank technology:

- all payment orders in national currency can be generated in 1C: Enterprise, and then can be loaded into Sberbank Business Online by clicking one button;

- statuses of payment orders sent to Sberbank Business Online can be viewed directly from 1C: Enterprise 8 programs;

- statement is executed in one click;

- ability to work with DirectBank technology is also implemented in the cloud service "1C: Enterprise 8 via the Internet" (1cfresh.kz).

Read more about the advantages of DirectBank on the website of 1C company.

How to start working with direct document flow:

  1. It is necessary to be a user of Sberbank Business Online;

  2. Check the relevance of 1C software.

    Software requirements:

    - 1C: Enterprise 8.3.11 and above platform;

    - 1С: Accounting 8 Configuration for Kazakhstan, starting from 3.0.25.xx;

    - When working with cloud service 1cfresh.kz, you must have an installed thin client.

  3. Read the instructions for automatically receiving settings from the bank server and direct document flow from 1C.

    * Questions about 1C: Enterprise 8 software products:

    1C-Kazakhstan consultation line  

    Telephone: +7 7172 273061

    email: hotline@1c.kz

    Questions concerning cloud service 1cfresh.kz

    email: support@1cfresh.kz

The list of services provided by SB Sberbank JSC through the Internet is constantly expanding and is today one of the most complete among Kazakhstan banks

Good to know


  • To work in the system, it is possible to use any computer connected to the Internet that provides an adequate level of security (at work, at home, on vacation);
  • Ability to work in the system on the principle of 24 / 7².


  • The system implements a mechanism for authenticating users and confirming documents with one-time passwords, which provides an adequate level of protection at minimal costs;
  • Use of electronic keys increases the protection of data and allows using electronic digital signature.


  • Separate role for the client's representatives who have the authority to prepare documents;

Comparison with traditional banking services:

  • Reduction of costs for processing and storage of paper documentation;
  • Possibility in real time to monitor payment documents and receive the latest data on the status of settlement accounts;
  • Round-the-clock access from anywhere in the world;
  • Tariffs for operations in the remote banking service system are lower than at standard banking services;
  • Presence of a structured system of incoming and outgoing documentation;
  • Saving time for visiting the Bank's outlets;
  • Online access to additional reference information provided by the Bank to its clients.

¹ At providing all the documents and information required by the current laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Bank.
² Execution of documents by the Bank is possible only during the operational time.