Малому бизнесу

Business Auto Loan

Loan Purpose

Acquisition of motor and special vehicles for commercial purposes. Refinancing of the incurred expenses on acquisition of motor and special vehicles.

Financing type

Loan/Non-revolving credit facility


not nore than 60 months


Motor vehicles to be acquired, probably estate property and/or deposit

Collateral insurance

Obligatorily, insurance amount shall be not less than the collateral price of the motor vehicle to be acquired

Down payment​

Not less than 30% of the estimated value of the motor vehicle to be acquired in the form of the Borrower's own monetary funds.

In case of insufficient or no down payment, additional immovable collateral covering the insufficient part of the down payment is possible.

Loan currency


Repayment of interest


Repayment of principal debt

Monthly, in equal installments or by annuity payments


According to the Tariffs Catalogue by SB Sberbank JSC

Penalty for late repayment of principal debt and interest

For individual entrepreneurs – 0.5% of the amount of outstanding payments for each overdue day, but no more than 10% of the amount of the issued loan for each year of loan term.

For legal entities – 0.5% of the amount of outstanding payments for each overdue day. 


Loan benefits

- loan against pledge of the motor vehicle to be acquired;

- loan is provided in 4 currencies;

- individual repayment schedule considering specifics of the business;

- quick consideration of loan application;

- no penalties for loan prepayment.


List of documents*



Constituent documents 


IE certificate, licenses, certificates, patent, permission for business, etc.    


Certificate from the tax authority or e-gov of absence/presence of arrears to the state budget and off-budget funds 


Certificate on bank accounts opened with other banks with indication of account turnover for the last 12 months (with monthly breakdown)    


Financial statements


Tax return for the last reporting period


Copies of the documents of founders, directors and chief accountant (identity card, certificate from the place of residence)


Copies of documents (identity card, marriage certificate, certificate from the registration place) 


Specimen signature form and seal impression card


Documents on collateral


*The Bank may request additional documents required for a thorough examination of the project

For more information you can contact the bank branch in your city or please call the Contact center 8 (727) 250-30-20, in other regions of Kazakhstan: 8-8000-808-808



1. Work experience in the Borrower's main business domain – not less than 6 months. 12 months – for farms engaged in business (also if the business is seasonal).

2. Presence of a permanent place of business.


With Business Auto Loan, you can buy both new and used motor vehicles for commercial purposes or machinery on the most favorable terms.

With Business Auto, you can buy:​

  • passenger cars and trucks;

  • agricultural special equipment;

  • trailers, vans, etc.