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Account transactions

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SB Sberbank JSC hereby reports that the transition to identification numbers (IIN/BIN) is postponed to January 1, 2012. 

SB Sberbank JSC hereby announces that due to the introduction in the Republic of Kazakhstan from June 7, 2010, of new twenty-digit account numbers (IBAN) and new bank identification codes of banks (BIC), you should contact the Bank to sign an addendum to the bank account contract, bank deposit agreement and other agreements with the Bank (if any). 

SB Sberbank JSC hereby informs that from June 7, 2010, new twenty-digit account numbers (IBAN) and new Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) are introduced in the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

SB Sberbank JSC carries out the following transactions on the account and provides banking services related to its maintenance:

  • money transfers within the Bank or to other banks (in KZT and foreign currency);
  • non-cash conversion / reconversion (buy / sell) of foreign currency;
  • cash transactions (crediting of funds to current account and cash withdrawal from current account);
  • issue of statement and certificates on current account at the request of the Client;
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Additional information: 

(727) 250-30-20.